Work & Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation:

Clients suffering from a work or motor vehicle accident injury would require an accepted claim to be seen. The treating physiotherapists at Adelaide Applied Physiotherapy have wealth of experience assessing and treating acute and chronic injuries post work and accident injuries.

Initial few sessions would include thorough assessment of the injuries. This include a full and comprehensive verbal and physical examinations. From clinical assessments, a relevant rehabilitative treatment plan is devised in consultation with the injured worker. This treatment plan would incorporate the goals of the client and the findings of the Practitioner.


trade person injured on the knee

It is common for the rehabilitation after injuries to take place over a progressive number of stages:

  • Initial stage of rehabilitation – dealing with the immediate symptoms management. Various treatment modalities are utilised in this stage with the introduction of relevant suitable home exercise program.
  • Follow up stages will introduce gradual progression into more active approaches. This may incorporate introduction of gym exercise program and hydrotherapy.
  • As the injured worker improves, functional rehabilitation is introduced and a graduated plan for returning to work is prepared.
  • Our physiotherapists are experienced in conducting worksite assessments and formulating relevant graduated return to work plan.
  • Whenever needed, Functional Capacity Tests and Assessments may also be conducted by our physiotherapists.

Our experienced treating practitioners actively engage in a multidisciplinary approach to injured clients’ rehabilitation program. This would commonly include participating in case conferences and writing reports and plans in order to facilitate a more optimal outcome for rehabilitation.

We strongly believe that a multifaceted approach to rehab provides the best outcome for the injured clients.