Shockwave Therapy


Therapeutic shockwave therapy has been around for over 20 years – initially used for removing kidney stones. As time went by, it was discovered that there were other unexpected positive effects of increased tissue healing. Today the use of Radial Shockwave (or Pressure Waves) (RPW) has been successfully extended to other therapeutic and wellness applications.

How does it work?

The applicator transmits shockwaves into the body tissue. The machine compresses air to shock waves that are sent through the transmitter / applicator. These shockwaves penetrate into the tissue and have a direct effect on the tissues that are treated. There is no electrical current or magnetic fields, microwaves or infra-red waves used in the application of Shockwave therapy.

Physiological Effects:

Shockwaves are generally non-invasive form of treatment and the resultant effect can be achieve via a number of means:

  • Pain Reduction
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Revascularisation (increased blood flow promoting tissue healing and regeneration)
  • Reduced / Normalisation of Muscular Tone

Common Injuries Treated:

  • – Tennis elbow / Golfers’ epicondylitis
  • – Plantar fasciitis, heel pain and heel spurs
  • – Achilles tendonitis
  • – Shoulder tendinopathy, calcification, and chronic shoulder pain
  • – Patella/knee tendonitis
  • – Reduction of myofascial trigger points
  • – Gluteal tendonitis

Are there any Side Effects?

Side effects could occur after a treatment with Shockwave therapy. They mostly appear within 1-2 days, and subside after 5-10 days:

  • – Reddening
  • – Pain
  • – Swelling
  • – Heamatoma (bruising)
  • – Petechia (red spots)

Treatment course

The number of treatments may vary between 4-6 depending on your condition and the outcomes. Once the course has been completed, your physio will review the outcomes and decide on any further treatment plans. The length of time of the treatment application may vary depending on the condition and the area being treated, but will usually not exceed the recommended 10mins.